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Get an extra 5 bps on GICs through Home Bank, our newest issuer!

February, 2017
It gives us great pleasure to introduce our second deposit issuer, Home Bank!

Home Bank is a wholly owned subsidiary of Home Trust Company, and a separate member of the Canada Deposit Insurance Corporation (CDIC).

So what does this news mean for you and your clients? Well, from now on, you'll be able to select either Home Bank or Home Trust Company as the issuer for all your client's future investments. And most importantly, since Home Bank and Home Trust Company are each separate members of CDIC, their deposits will be eligible for coverage under both issuers - providing a great opportunity to benefit even more from our excellent rates.

Not only that, but from now until April 28,2017, we're offering an extra 5 bps on our posted rates for all GICs issued through Home Bank!

Please note that our processes will remain the same for both issuers, and our current interest rates can always be found at hometrust.ca/depositrates. As well, all our applications and forms have now been updated to include Home Bank, and these can be found at hometrust.ca/brokerforms.

CDIC Joint and Trust Disclosure By-law

April, 2016
For Guaranteed Investment Certificates (GICs) held in trust for two or more beneficiaries, the CDIC Joint and Trust Account Disclosure By-law requires that clients report annually by May 30th whether each beneficiary's interest in the deposit as at April 30th has changed or remained the same from the previous year. Providing us with this update is necessary to ensure that the trust deposit remains eligible for CDIC coverage separate from the CDIC coverage that applies to the clients' other deposits. As required by the CDIC By-law, Home Trust Company will be sending a notification during the month of April to all affected clients informing them of this requirement. Clients will be advised to contact their Advisor to provide the required information. Please capture the beneficiaries' information on the new form "Joint Trust Beneficiary Information Form" and forward the completed form to our back office.


April, 2016
As part of a Canada-U.S. tax treaty, Canadian financial institutions such as Home Trust are now required to assist in the implementation United States law known as the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA). A communication was sent to clients asking them to inform if they qualify as a U.S. taxpayer so that we can ensure we have the correct status on their records.

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