Home Trust can now deliver mortgage mandates electronically using Assyst Real Estate solution at AssystRealEstate.com

Documents for new or existing mortgage holders

Browse our list of standard forms and support documents to help make the process easier.

Mortgage Application – Online

Mortgage Application – Mail or fax

Acknowledgement and Direction re Funds 19-Oct-19
Authorization Direction And Consent - ELV
Certificate of Independent Legal Advice 19-Oct-19
Client Identification List 1-Jan-19
Consent for Broker Representation 25-Apr-19
Down Payment Gift Letter Form  
General Instructions to Solicitors 29-Nov-19
Mortgage Default Insurance Disclosure 7-Nov-19
Payment Change Request Form  
Politically Exposed Persons Form  
Pre-Authorized Debit Agreement  
Resolution of the Board of Directors 19-Oct-19
Self Declared Income Form 2-Jan-20
Separate Disclosure Request Form  
Solicitor Declaration re Identification 1-Jan-19
Solicitor Final Report 25-Jan-21
Solicitor Interim Report 25-Jan-21
Statutory Declaration 9-Feb-19
Tenant Acknowledgement  

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* Effective October 19, 2019, all applicable mortgage registrations must reflect Home Trust’s new Standard Charge Terms. All updated provincial Standard Charge Terms and mortgage documentation are available.

Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to view, save and print the documents in pdf format. It can be obtained free of charge here.